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Exploring non monogamy by yourself? Have questions? Don't have anyone else to talk to about it? You're not alone!

Over the course of these three sessions, we'll ask questions, share experiences, share resources, and just provide a safe space to talk about the lifestyle and things that come up around it. We'll use conversations and movement to explore identity, needs, wants, and self care within solo non monogamy.

Wednesdays 8/19, 8/26, 9/2: 7-8pm EST

$30 for all three

$12 for one

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This recurring group is for non monogamous partners in long distance relationships.

Use conversation and movement to work through various emotions that come up within this relationship dynamic.

Connect virtually with your partner(s) through developing, creating, and growing a shared movement phrase.

Find ways to make time for each other, and hold space while apart.


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SGRwellness was created out of the need to help others find their true selves and live authentically.

As a Dance/Movement Therapist, self care is very important to me, as is using movement to help maintain our quality of life. I am working on combining all of my interests, skills, knowledge, and experiences as a dancer, Pilates teacher, runner - human! - into the perfect career. Right now, that looks like what you see here, with much more to come!

I am developing programs geared towards those in non traditional relationships - ethically non monogamous, polyamorous, long distant - that use movement and conversation to navigate the paths we've chosen for ourselves. It's hard to go against the norm, but if we can dig in and find our true selves, discover what brings us joy and fulfillment, then we can go about living true, authentic, and full lives.

40 Minute Intermediate PILATES Class
Sun Kissed 2
Sun Kissed 1
Outside express class
The Lazy Class
Playing With Balls
40 Minute PILATES Circle
FOAM Roller
Self Care
30 Minute ARMS
hams glutes abs
hip and back stretches
40 Minute class
Ab Series Modifications
Pilates Ab Series

Stephanie has completed her Comprehensive Pilates Certification through Balanced Pilates; and Mat Certification through Balanced Body. She is available for virtual group and private classes, and socially distanced classes and privates in NYC.

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